Sweet Pea's Children & Maternity

  Windsor's Sweetest Consignment Shop!  

**Consignors must call ahead between the 1st and the 25th of the month prior to pick up to be placed on the pick up list!  519-969-4040 

Drop-Off Month:

Pick-Up Items


 Call to be put on pick up list:


  January 25
  February  1st - 10th
 January 1st - 25th
  February 25
  March  1st - 10th
 February 1st - 25th
  March 25
  April  1st - 10th
 March 1st - 25th
  April 25
  May  1st - 10th
 April 1st - 25th
  May 25
  June  1st - 10th
 May 1st - 25th
  June 25
  July  1st - 10th
 June 1st - 25th
  August 25
  September  1st - 10th
 August 1st - 25th
  September 25
  October  1st - 10th
 September 1st - 25th
  October 25
  November  1st - 10th
 October 1st - 25th
  November 25
  December  1st - 10th
 November 1st - 25th
  December 25
  January 4th - 13th
 December 1st - 22nd 

 After we prepare your articles for pick up we'll hold them for you for 10 days.  (1st of each month until the 10th)  (see above) at which time the whole process begins again. If you haven't picked up your unsold items by then, they will be donated as we do not have the space to store items. 

If you aren't able to pick up your items, please contact us.