Sweet Pea's Children & Maternity 

Sweet Pea's Children & Maternity

  Windsor's Sweetest Consignment Shop!  

Consignment Information:

We ask that you examine your items carefully for marks, stains, tears, damage, etc before bringing them in. PLEASE do not bring clothing in garbage or shopping bags. Place your freshly washed items neatly in boxes or laundry baskets (less wrinkles for better presentation). Shoes and boots must be clean and be clear of any mud on the bottoms. Please limit your pieces to 30-40 total per week/drop-off (up to 10 toys).

We understand that many parents work so we offer you more options and flexibility than most consignment stores. We receive your items 7 days a week (6 days June to August) and from Monday - Friday we receive items up until 5pm for your convenience.

***Receiving is scheduled by appointment. You can book a date/time that works best for you right from this website. Please go to the "Book a drop off" section or you can also call the store (519-969-4040) and we'll set up a time that's convenient for you.

**It is important to call the store before bringing in larger items to make sure we have room to display them for you.

What We Take:

Clothing:  (Preemie to size 14 & Maternity) 

  • Bring freshly washed items in a box or laundry basket (we'll return your box/basket). Fastening all snaps and buttons, and pairing outfits together helps to make the drop-off process quicker for you. (*note- no need to iron or steam your items but clothing looks newer and sells much quicker if they aren't wrinkled).
  • Gently used articles only (stains, rips, worn out knees, piling, fading, stretching, etc. will not be accepted). 
  • Clothing labels with brand and size info must be attached to each item.
  • Fashionable, name brand items under 4 years old.
  • Items smelling of tobacco smoke, damp/musty basements or extended storage or items that have pet hair on them WILL NOT be accepted. We must keep in mind that many people have allergies and can't be exposed to these types of allergens.
  • All footwear must be free of dirt and signs of excessive wear.
  • We do not sell hand made clothing, bibs, socks, or underwear. 

Toys: (10 per drop off)


  • Clean toys with all original pieces and a set of working batteries.
  • We cannot sell toys that do not meet current government standards. (Missing pieces, cracks, loose pieces, etc are all examples of unsafe toys).
  • Sorting small toys into clear ziploc bags are helpful.
  • We do not sell stuffed animals, VHS, CD's or fast food type toys.


Baby Gear:


  • All baby equipment must be clean and gently used.  Items must be up to current Canadian government standards (ie. no recalls) with a new set of batteries and all original straps/belts.
  • We sell baby equipment that is less than 4 years only.
  • Cribs should not be more than 6 years old and must meet all current Canadian safety standards.
  • We do not sell breast pumps, bath tubs, blankets, room decor or keepsakes. 


Your consignment period is 60-90 days (seasonal items have a shorter term..eg: Christmas, Easter, Halloween). At the end of the consignment period you may opt to pick up any unsold items or we will donate them to local charities of our choice.  You must call the store during the month in which your consignment period ends (no later than the 25th) if you would like your unsold items returned to you. If we do not hear from you by the 25th we will donate the items. (If you aren't sure when your items expire click here to find out). After the 25th of the month, all requested items will be bagged and ready for you to pick up the first week of the following month. Due to limited space, we will hold your items only until the 25th of that following month unless you make other arrangements with us (ie, you're on vacation, away for work, etc)


Consignment Payment:


We have always provided our consignors with one of the highest payouts in the area. You will receive 40% of the final selling price (which includes any sales) when you use the money in your account to shop at Sweet Pea's (store credit) or, 35% if you'd like to get paid by cash/cheque. You will also benefit from our periodic specials of even higher payouts. While cheques can be written for you at any time, they are normally issued the last 2 weeks of the month. Please contact us when you would like to receive payment.



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Receiving Hours: 7 days a week during regular business hours (Sept - May) and 6 days a week during summer hours (June - Aug).