Sweet Pea's Children & Maternity 

Sweet Pea's Children & Maternity

  Windsor's Sweetest Consignment Shop!  

To allow more flexibility for working families, we receive items 7 days a week/ 6 in summer months and Mon-Fri we accept items by appointment until 5pm for your convenience.

Please limit your appointments to once a week. If nothing is showing on the day you are trying to book, that means the day is already full so please select another date/time. You can also book an appointment every week if you like. Many consignors like to do that so they have the same day/time each week.

Select the "Mixed" option if you're bringing in a combination of things (some clothes, 1-10 toys, a bit of maternity, etc). All of the items combined should be no more than 40 pieces in total (10 of which can be toys).

If you want a certain day/date but can't come in at a specific time due to other commitments, first select the "Express" option, then select a time (just so we know how many are coming), and now you can bring your items in at any time during business hours on that day. If we are with another appointment when you arrive, you can either wait until we finish with that consignor or you can leave your items and we'll sort through them at our first opportunity. If you choose to leave them with us and don't plan on returning the same day, we will donate any unacceptable pieces.

If you experience any difficulties making an appointment or have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you...519-969-4040.

You do not need an appointment if:

You have larger items like swings, cribs, strollers, high chairs, etc. We just ask that you call the store before you bring in any large items to ensure that we have enough space to display them for you. We also try to avoid unnecessary waiting should others be dropping off at the same time you are bringing in items.
 *Please check the "Currently Accepting" section BEFORE making your drop off as there may be some items that we are NOT presently taking.
To view what we are currently accepting please click here for more information. 

Click on the "Book Online" link above to schedule a consignment appointment.  All appointments are first come first serve and 30-40 items can be dropped off at each appointment. If you need special consideration (more than 40 items due to moving, vacations, etc) please call us and we'll try to accommodate you as soon as possible. If you aren't able to keep your appointment, please cancel it so that someone else can use that time period.